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Nov 25

Loss of Sentiment

In my previous blog ‘lost in transition’ I talked about the process of transition and the need to have objects in order for us to cope with transition and change, however what about loss? Loss and change can apply to most of life’s experiences, it can be death of a loved one, moving home, loss […]

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Nov 17

Self Belief

I’ve started promoting my service this week, I’ve spent my time leaflet dropping, calling organisations, sending emails and  have been feeling motivated however, do you ever get that nagging sensation of your slight lack of self belief? What is this voice we often hear at the back of our minds? Say hello to our inner […]

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Nov 09

Lost in Transition

It’s been six months since I have been working in Birmingham and as I am saying goodbye to the work I have been doing with Young People I am noticing another transition. As of next week I will be providing private counselling to those needing support with a range of issues. However this transition has […]

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