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Nov 17

I’ve started promoting my service this week, I’ve spent my time leaflet dropping, calling organisations, sending emails and  have been feeling motivated however, do you ever get that nagging sensation of your slight lack of self belief?

What is this voice we often hear at the back of our minds? Say hello to our inner critic and unfortunately we can often buy into some of things it has to say. How much we believe in ourselves is based on our past experiences, for example our upbringing and relationships which have likely contributed to the development of our inner critic. The inner critic can sometimes motivate us, however when it takes over our thinking process, this then becomes a problem. Having a lack of self belief or a strong inner critic can lead us to feel low in mood, de-motivated and at times feeling angry.

So how do we move on from it? This is tricky, and often clients come to counselling needing a way to fix this but it really is not that straight forward. One of the main reasons being; we have very likely experienced this feeling for many years and it has had time to develop and grow into our psyche. Although there is no quick fix to overcoming these feelings, we can however learn ways to become aware of our emotions and behaviours when our inner critic becomes noticeable. So when I was noticing this nagging sensation of my lack of self belief, I took a step back and noticed my reaction, thoughts and feelings. This is a good place to start, as I become more aware of myself, I can over time learn not to buy into my lack of self belief; after all it’s called ‘self belief’ not ‘self fact’!

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