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Nov 25

In my previous blog ‘lost in transition’ I talked about the process of transition and the need to have objects in order for us to cope with transition and change, however what about loss? Loss and change can apply to most of life’s experiences, it can be death of a loved one, moving home, loss of a job or the loss of sentimental things.

A recent incident has motivated me to write this blog, there was a tragic incident in the family where a house was burgled and unfortunately objects with sentimental value were taken. How many of us hold onto objects with sentimental value? I’m guessing most of us do. What do these sentimental objects provide us? For me I would say it’s a connection to a particular time or person, and by having something physical in which you can touch and hold connects us to that person or particular time in our lives. These connections can often help us to move forward into our lives but can also act as a type of support when dealing with loss and change.

What happens when these sentimental objects are lost or missing? Depending on how much sentiment we hold on these objects, it can feel like another bereavement, but very specifically a final letting go of that person or time in your past.

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