New Year, New You?

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Jan 06

A New Year can bring up all sorts of feelings and thoughts and when wishing others a ‘Happy New Year’ the conversation of ‘Resolutions’ and ‘Achievements’ come up.

I read quite a while ago that the tradition goes back to the Romans where they would keep a promise each year to their god Janus. It might even go further back than this.

 It’s not easy keeping a resolution as it does come with its challenges, too often we set ourselves a goal and unfortunately we go full steam ahead and fall at the first hurdle. Sound familiar?  

Keeping a resolution or goal can have great benefits, but it is how we approach and maintain them. Before proceeding with your resolution, think about what possible barriers may come up? For example working late into the evening or completing chores after work. Once you recognise what the potential barriers are, look for ways to overcome them, such as for completing chores, could you ask for help? Or maybe do the chores on a different day perhaps?

Sometimes our resolutions or goals can be too ambitious and too much for us to take on, what if we broke it down into small manageable chunks? For example let’s say your goal is to run the London Marathon this year, but you have never taken up running as an activity. To help break it down into manageable steps, you might want to first try running once a week for fifteen minutes and monitor it after a month. If you find you are enjoying it, then take it further, maybe run more than once a week or join a running club.

Setting resolutions and goals do not have to start in January; however wanting to achieve and make changes can have a positive impact on our lives.  Whether it’s this month or later on in the year, remember to make it manageable, monitor your progress and don’t be afraid if it doesn’t go to plan as setbacks are opportunities for us to learn and move forward.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

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