Happy Valentine’s Day

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Feb 11

Christmas is all done and dusted, but we are now reminded of another event in the calendar; ‘Valentine’s Day’. What do you see or feel when you see these words?

Valentine’s day can bring a mixture of thoughts and feelings as this depends on our relationships and unfortunately the media and marketing world place a lot of emphasises on ‘love’ and the ‘perfect’ relationship.

I am writing this blog to explore love and what it means to us. Is love a feeling? Is it an act or the way we behave?  The more I look at love, the more complex it is, however I am wondering what people experience as love in their relationships and more importantly with themselves? We live in a society where we put others first and the thought of being kind to ourselves can bring up feelings of guilt, selfishness or it can be regarded as something strange. However, by learning to love ourselves has its benefits, not only does it build a basis to love others; it does help in building our self-esteem. If we can learn to love ourselves we can develop ways to respect our bodies and minds; in other words we take better care of ourselves.

So how do we love ourselves? I am not suggesting you say ‘I love you’ in the mirror every day! However, I am inviting you to think about ways in which you can show kindness towards yourself.  Perhaps there were things you used to enjoy in the past? Maybe cook yourself a nutritious meal?  Have a longer soak in the Bath? Or perhaps a treat? By practising acts of kindness towards ourselves means we are likely to love and respect who we are.

So when 14tth February approaches and you feel under pressure to conform to the ‘perfect’ relationship or the perfect way to ‘love’, I invite you to do something different by taking some time out to love yourself too; Happy Valentine’s Day!

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