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Feb 11

Happy Valentine’s Day

Christmas is all done and dusted, but we are now reminded of another event in the calendar; ‘Valentine’s Day’. What do you see or feel when you see these words? Valentine’s day can bring a mixture of thoughts and feelings as this depends on our relationships and unfortunately the media and marketing world place a […]

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Racism and Me hover background

Jan 26

Racism and Me

We live in a world where we are faced by different levels of prejudices and discrimination which for some can be debilitating. Racism is one of those prejudices which evoke a range of feelings across different parts of society and across the globe. It lies deep in history from Slavery, the Holocaust to Stephen Lawrence […]

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New Year, New You? hover background

Jan 06

New Year, New You?

A New Year can bring up all sorts of feelings and thoughts and when wishing others a ‘Happy New Year’ the conversation of ‘Resolutions’ and ‘Achievements’ come up. I read quite a while ago that the tradition goes back to the Romans where they would keep a promise each year to their god Janus. It […]

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Dec 30

Special Offer for January 2016!

Have you been thinking about Counselling, but not sure what it involves or how it will support you? Counselling is a unique experience and it can offer a confidential and non-judgemental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. For the month of January I am having a special offer of £30 for your first […]

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Dec 10

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

We have approached the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, Christmas trees are up, the shops are sparkling with baubles and tinsel, traffic is built up everywhere and the children are getting all giddy with excitement about Christmas presents! Sound familiar? Or maybe not… Christmas can bring up all sorts of issues for people, such […]

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